The history of Ambient extends as far back as two decades, where childhood friendships and a profound appreciation for music laid the foundation for a company that would one day implement communications solutions within the highest levels of the U.S. military as well as leading corporate and higher education organizations.

Owners Tom Barrett and Tim Quigley spent significant portions of their youth designing and installing sound and lighting systems for school functions and community events. Although their event production skills increased over the ensuing years through education and practical experience, the partners credit the innate critical listening abilities and attention to detail they developed as adolescents as the most important factors in their approach to design and installation.

In the mid 1990’s Ambient was one of the first companies to successfully introduce and implement the concept of “Corporate Theatre” as a replacement to more traditional methods of delivering training, sales presentations and company meetings. It was in this arena where Tom and Tim focused their collective backgrounds in music and event staging to elevate these presentations to “productions” by employing creative designs for lighting, acoustics and video/data display. The Duo was also able to rely on their years of practical experience when choosing equipment and Ambient quickly developed a reputation for excellence with regard to top quality, meticulously-maintained inventory.

In addition, Ambient created more dynamic atmospheres and environments by seamlessly incorporating various multimedia technologies to deliver audio, video and computer graphics. Clients such as Met Life, SYSCO, Textron and The Smithsonian Institute were early beneficiaries of Ambient’s approach to event production, which kept audiences engaged, motivated and most importantly, highly receptive to the intended messages.

In 1996, Ambient received national recognition when ESPN selected the Company to design and implement the communications plan for the X-Games (formerly known as the Extreme Games). Ambient’s ability to take on this challenge represented the culmination of the skills and expertise the two partners had spent years developing. In addition to providing all of the audio capabilities for the event, Ambient had to address unique logistical challenges such as geography and facilitating the varying needs of both local and national media outlets.

Within a year of their X-Games success, Ambient received another high profile contract, this time from the U.S. Army’s Classroom XXI program. The program’s mandate was to implement and maintain an advanced distributed multimedia architecture that delivers state-of-the-art distance learning to tens of thousands of Army officers and soldiers. Ambient designed and installed a prototype classroom, which featured sophisticated mechanisms for combining audio, video and control systems to increase the level of training methodologies and student retention. Now a longstanding customer, the U.S. Army continues to call upon Ambient to apply new technologies as the Classroom XXI program grows in scope and complexity.

Today, Ambient serves the event production and communications needs of a wide variety of customers in markets that span Government, Corporate, Education, Sports, Healthcare, and Entertainment. To stay ahead of evolving technology and customer requirements, Ambient has expanded its facilities and personnel to include a diverse and talented group of technicians and salespeople.

Ambient also continues to make enormous investments in equipment and has cultivated strong relationships with vendors such as Microsoft, Crestron, Canon and Tandberg. In addition, Ambient has made a commitment to our country’s soldiers and students through partnerships with leading government integrators and higher education institutions, such as Northrop Grumman and the University of Rhode Island, to develop and implement advanced technologies for some of the largest training programs in the country.


For more information please contact Ambient at info@ambientsound.com or 401.941.8500