Ambient offers a wide range of communications solutions to enhance training and classroom capabilities for government, corporate and education-based organizations. In addition, Ambient’s team of licensed engineers, technicians and contractors work with each customer to ensure that all classroom facilities and infrastructures are able to support new technologies and teaching methodologies. Ambient has participated in the building and refurbishment of hundreds of classrooms across the United States for clients that include the United States Army and the University of Rhode Island.

The following is a brief sampling of some of the areas in which Ambient provides training focused solutions:

Display Systems
Full-room lighting and video displays such as plasma monitors, motorized screens or Smart Boards ® provide dynamic, easy viewing for all classroom participants. Ambient’s video system capabilities include the ability to project images from sources that include a VCR / DVD, document camera, instructor and student tracking cameras, computer workstations and teleconference participants at both local and distant locations.

Audio System
High fidelity sound reinforcement systems that enable all classroom participants to hear audio content. Additionally, instructors are able to move freely about the classroom while maintaining speech intelligibility for students at both local and distant locations. “Push to Talk” microphones, with camera-tracking ability, allow instructor and distant site videoconference participants to clearly hear and see students as they ask or answer questions.

Control System
Instructors are able to seamlessly control every aspect of the audio / video presentation system from a touchpanel, including the motorized screens, VCR / DVD, projectors, document camera, switching equipment and the Student Management System. Climate control, lighting, video source preview, and audio controls are also accessible via the touchpanel.

Video Conferencing / Tele-Training
Ambient’s videoconferencing / tele-training solutions enable transmission over the network or PBX to communicate with multiple distant classrooms. Integrated into the audio / video system, all capabilities are easily controlled from a Touchpanel and offer full motion, full screen, 30 frames per second video and high fidelity audio.

Student Management System
Student Management Systems (SMS) allow instructors to focus attention on a certain area, monitor and identify where students are having difficulties and foster collaboration among the class. The instructor is able to display any PC in the classroom on his/her computer monitor, the PC monitors of the entire class or on the large presentation displays.

Additional capabilities include screen blanking and “freezing” of student PCs, keyboard and mouse control, quizzing, test result tabulation, and skills-gap analysis.

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